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Who May & May Not Attend
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Attending the Northwestern Lumber Association Conventions

Who May and May Not Attend

Supplier Rules:  
We welcome and encourage any supplier of building material products to attend and exhibit at our annual conventions.  If you do not sell building material products but believe your product or service would benefit independently owned retail lumber yards, we also welcome you to exhibit.  Suppliers that are exhibiting do NOT need to be members of NLA in order to attend, but members do receive a price break.

Any suppliers wanting to come to the convention that are NOT exhibiting, must be a member of NLA.  Cost for a trade show badge for supplier members is $125.00.

Absolutely no non-member suppliers may attend our show in any capacity unless they are exhibiting.  If you are not a member of NLA, you may not enter the trade show floor or interact with the convention attendees unless personally escorted by and NLA staff member for a 10-minute tour. After that point, you must leave or purchase a member and badge to stay.


  • Exhibiting suppliers may be members or non-members of NLA
  • Non exhibiting suppliers that are members may attend for $125 per person.
  • Non exhibiting suppliers that are not members may not attend the show at all, except for a brief tour given by an NLA staff member.

Lumber Yard Dealer (and other) Rules:  
We invite all owners and employees of independently owned retail lumber yards to attend our annual conventions.  You do not need to be a member of NLA to attend, although trade show badges are free to members ($25 per non-member).  Spouses, children, contractors, building officials, press and special guests are also invited to attend our conventions. These events are NOT open to the general public.