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COVID-19 Workplace Resources

Like our members, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and making contingency plans for our organization. We are not acting out of fear, but rather a sense of concern for business continuity and making sure that we continue to be a resource for our members. With that in mind, we wanted to create a resource center which will house various documents and web links which you may find useful in planning your own response to the growing concern over the spread of the virus. Feel free to share or link to any of the resources below. The more informed we as an industry are about this issue, the better prepared we can be to not only protect our employees but continue to serve our customers as best we can.

New OSHA Guidance: COVID-19 Illnesses Not Recordable for Construction

NEW Employment Law Poster REQUIRED By Department of Labor

Families First Coronavirus Relief Act

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)



Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19  
OSHA 3990 - 42 page PDF
(click on image to download)


COVID-19 and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) FAQ's -- Weblink (click on image to link to article)


Interim Guide for Business & Employers  Centers for Disease Control - Weblink (click on image to link to article)


Stopping the Spread of Germs in the Workplace
The Society for Human Resource Management - Printable Flyer
(click on image to download)


Stop the Spread of Germs
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) -- Printable Flyer
(click on image to download)


Social Distancing Guidelines at Work The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - Printable Flyer
(click on image to download)


Keeping the Workplace Safe (click on link for printable flyer)

Travel Advisories issued by State Department (click on link for updated information)



COVID-19 Emails

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
WI COVID-19 Update Mask Mandate Extended PDF (141.49 KB) Administration 9/28/2020
WI COVID-19 Update - Mask Mandate PDF (142.52 KB) Administration 7/31/2020
Mask Mandate - We've Got You Covered! PDF (172.67 KB) Administration 7/31/2020
MN Mask Mandate PDF (162.5 KB) Administration 7/28/2020
4-16-20 Updated WI Safer at Home Order PDF (186.08 KB) Administration 4/17/2020
4-9-20_MN_Stay_Home_MN_Order_Extended.pdf PDF (116.89 KB) Administration 4/9/2020
4-6-20_We_Are_Essential_MH.pdf PDF (1.16 MB) Administration 4/9/2020
4-6-20_Webinar__Updated_Covid-19_Fed_Resources.pdf PDF (77.7 KB) Administration 4/6/2020
3-30-20_Payroll_Protection_Guidance.pdf PDF (156.96 KB) Administration 4/6/2020
3-30-20_CARES_Act_Guidance.pdf PDF (158.83 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-26-30_MN_Stay_Home_MN_Order_-_Res._Construct.pdf PDF (117.11 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-25-30_MN_Stay_Home_MN_Order_-_Res._Construct.pdf PDF (125.42 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-24-30_Update__WI_Safer_at_Home_Order.pdf PDF (127.25 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-24-20_All_Member__COVID-19_Update.pdf PDF (145.15 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-23-20_Update__WI_Safer_at_Home_Order.pdf PDF (136.07 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-23-20_Update__MI_Stay_at_Home_Order.pdf PDF (135.71 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-20-20_Webinar_Covid19_vs_CashFlow.pdf PDF (45.08 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-19-20_Contact_Your_Legislators_-_LBM_Essenti.pdf PDF (128.14 KB) Administration 4/2/2020
3-16-20_Coronavirus.pdf PDF (161.63 KB) Administration 4/2/2020