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WI Lumber Dealers Leadership Speakers
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 Ken Willbanks  “Merchandising For the Lumber & Building Material Dealers”
Whether your targeted customer is a consumer or a professional contractor, or both, participants will learn to design crisp product presentations that minimize effort and maximize profit generation. Participants are given applicable simple actions that will immediately generate measurable improvements in sales, gross margin, and positive customer impressions of your store(s).

“Hard Talk – Meaningful and Successful Coaching Conversations”
Hard Talk with Ken Wilbanks, is a simple, powerful workshop that gives leaders an understanding of how and why people shift behaviors.  Ken will share techniques to follow when coaching a team member and how to coach using wisdom instead of defaulting to destructive language and behaviors that inevitably damage relationships.  Learn how to make a positive difference in the performance of those you lead.

Industry expert Ken Wilbanks uses his rich vocational experiences to lend insight and clarity to topics spanning the entire scope of product, sales and operational training, merchandising, marketing, finance, and team development.  As  a professional business consultant, he provides educational programs, financial and business process analysis, leadership development, and executive coaching to the Lumber, Building Materials and Home Center industries. 

  “What the Best do Best”
Do you ever ask yourself “Why did they get the order instead of me?”  Dave Molenda will examine the top ten things that the best sales professionals do on every call, making them the best in their industry.

This program is great for your sales team as well as for business owners.  The ideas shared during this program will be great tools to compare against what you and your team have in common with “the best” as well as areas that you and your team may need some help with!

“Adding an Hour to Your Day” 
We are all scrambling to find more time both at work and with our families.  During Dave Molenda’s time management seminar, we’ll take an in-depth look at the twelve most common areas where time is wasted.  Dave will share a 6-step process that will help you eliminate these time wasters in your day. 

Dave Molenda is the founder of Positive Polarity, providing coaching, mentoring, and leadership training to companies looking for a positive and encouraging way to grow their businesses.  In addition to Positive Polarity, Dave has over 30 years of construction industry experience and is the 2018 President of the Lakeland Builders Association in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

  “Business Succession & Exit Strategy Planning -Making the Right Moves Now” 
Without taking the time to put a succession plan in place, you are taking unnecessary risks with your business wealth and exposing your family to potential stress, hardship, and loss of wealth. Join Marc Loden of von Briesen & Roper as he uses his extensive experience in representing business owners.  Explore the timeless questions that all family business owners need to consider when planning their estates and gain insight to help simplify the planning process.

Attorney Marcus S. Loden  is a highly recognized attorney with von Briesen & Roper.  He has a statewide practice and  extensive experience in representing business owners with buying and selling businesses, succession planning, real estate, and estate planning.